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Intro to MediaWiki[edit]

  1. General User Guide
  2. Edit and Format on Mediawiki 101
  3. Start a new page
  4. Test is where you can tryout anything without interfering with other people's work
  5. Create your personal page here:Special:MyPage. Let others know more about you. Example: Koki's page

Where to start[edit]

This is a shared information station for decentralized collaboration and DAO, you might be interested in the following categories:

  1. Category:DAO -- Theories and projects related to DAO
  2. Category:区块链 -- Theories and projects related to 区块链
  3. Category:ToDo -- Pages with intensive focus on but not yet completed

Who is on the Wiki?[edit]

  1. DAOStep
  2. Gotoken
  3. LongDAO
  4. Koki